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We hope you all had a great week. In this Better Programming newsletter, we’ve got some interesting stories from the past two weeks to share with you. Some pertain to handy tips and tricks from your favorite programming languages while others have our contributors sharing their experiences from the software industry. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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To kick things off, Jack Taylor shares his two cents on using object literals for writing neater conditionals in JavaScript. Do you think it’s a good alternative for if-else and switch statements? The comments section has mixed views on this.

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As a freelancer myself, I know it isn’t all glitter and gold. Work can come in cycles of feasts and famines with unsteady income from time to time. Fernando Doglio sheds light on a few ways of making money in programming that doesn’t directly involve coding. Check it out!

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We’ve all been excited before starting out as software developers. Sometimes, that euphoria gets the better of us and we make mistakes. Bianca Dragomir shares her experiences after working two years as a software developer. “You Should Not Do Any Overtime Unless It Is Specifically Asked of You” is one of the lessons she learned.

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Python is a popular language. However, every language has certain anti-patterns which can give rise to inefficient programming practices. Sayar Banerjee shares a few anti-patterns found in Python and shows us the way to fix them.

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Designing an API can be tricky. Mohammad Faisal jots down some best practices which you can start adopting today. You’ll probably know a few. But there are 22. I hope you’d learn a thing or two.

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PHP isn’t dead yet. Italo Baeza Cabrera gives us a first look at the new never keyword that’s coming with PHP 8.1 at the end of this year. Take a look and see how it fits into your code.

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Riccardo Cipolleschi explores his favorite ways of writing clean and concise Swift code. Using protocol witnesses, high order functions, and keypaths are just a few of the techniques. I’m sure iOS developers would enjoy this piece.

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There are tons of amazing stories about VS Code Extensions. This is my first one and I tried to take a detour from the usual coding tools and collected a few creative ones that make my day.

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Getting a job at a big tech firm is a dream for many. But Salam journals her nightmare experience while working at a big tech firm. The struggles she went through and the things she learned from it might help others who’re struggling.

While that’s about it for this week. I hope you found some inspiration to doodle, code, and build new stuff over the weekend.

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