An iOS Developer’s Wishlist for WWDC 2021


SwiftUI will enter its third iteration in WWDC 2021. Last year we got a bunch of new updates — from Lazy stacks to new Grid views, MapKit, Link, Sign In With Apple button and more.

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WidgetKit: More Customisability

Though the one that stood out was WidgetKit, a framework to create home screen widgets in SwiftUI only.

I believe the WidgetKit framework should give more customizability to the developers. Maybe multi-select interactivity, some animations, and new property wrappers.

Bring The Missing Controls

Typically, an iOS app supports 2–3 previous SDK. Given, this would be SwiftUI 3.0, I expect more feature parity with UIKit.

Pull to refresh has been missing since the beginning. And despite best efforts, the workarounds leave us wanting for more. Hopefully, Apple includes a built-in refresh control.

Likewise, I’m looking forward to a SwiftUI first Search Bar. This is crucial for adding more customizability to SwiftUI Lists.

A SwiftUI implementation for WKWebView, Share Sheet, Image picker would also be much needed.

I also hope to see more flexibility in current SwiftUI views. Fo instance bring badges to TabViews, swipe actions on Lists and working multiple sheets modifier.

Most importantly, we’ve already been introduced to compositional layouts in UIKit’s Collection View. So, a full-blown-out Collection View for SwiftUI should be on the cards, hopefully.


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