Looking for web host with website builder


Whilst you may have settled on this idea, here’s something to consider (if you didn’t already):

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Let’s say you sign up at a provider who has, let’s say, RVsitebuilder, on their servers.

You take the time to build out your website, and then you find a need to move hosting provider for whatever reason (bad service, closed down, too expensive, etc).

You’re then in a tricky position since you need to find a host that has that exact same site builder (which might not always be easy when factoring in other requirements like price/location/specs/etc), or you need to start doing the website edits manually using the source code. It’s possible a future site builder at another host will allow you to import your site’s code, but compatibility might be a problem. Even if it is compatible, do you want to have to start learning to use a new site builder?

I’d say you’re better off using specialist software that you can use regardless of who you’re hosting with, like for example, Elementor Website Builder for WordPress (a popular choice).


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