How does Windows Server Shared Hosting Licensing work? It looks like Plesk is the only CP.


Windows Server Shared Hosting Licensing has long been the most popular option for hosting websites. This kind of licensing model makes it possible to run multiple websites on one server at the same time. On the other hand, you need to purchase each server separately which can be very expensive if you are planning to host a lot of sites. The Windows Server is an open-standards-based application which can be used for all sorts of web applications ranging from small pages to large scale corporate applications. The major benefit of this licensing model is that it enables businesses to launch their websites across the globe without worrying about the licensing issues and financial constraints.

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If you are planning to host your business website on Windows Server, then you need to understand the difference between Windows Server shared hosting plan and Windows Server. With a Windows Server shared hosting plan, you will be getting the basic features that are included in a Windows Server. For instance, you will also get access to the Windows Server Management Center which allows you to manage and administer the complete Windows Server including all the add-on tools like the Windows firewall and the Active Directory package. With a Windows Server shared hosting plan, you will also be able to install third party software programs such as ASP, PHP and MySQL.

Now that you know the basic difference between Windows Server shared hosting plan, you should know how to select the best Windows Server hosting service provider. A good provider would offer you all the basic features at very affordable prices. It would also offer the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Exchange server and the Microsoft SharePoint software which can be used together with the Microsoft Outlook email client. One of the important things that a good Windows Server hosting service provider should also provide is the implementation of the Windows AMP and the Microsoft SQL Server. These two technologies are a must for any comprehensive e-commerce solution and the most preferred by developers around the world.


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