Dave Keuning Confirms He’s Back With The Killers After Four Years of Break

Dave Keuning Confirms He's Back With The Killers After Four Years of Break

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The lead guitarist of the Brandon Flowers-fronted band is reuniting with his bandmates, four years after he took a step back to spend time with his family.

The Killers co-founder Dave Keuning has confirmed reports he’s back with the band after stepping away from the spotlight in 2017 to focus on his family.

The guitarist featured in a video the band posted from the studio earlier this year (21), leading fans to believe Dave was working with the group again after sitting out The Killers’ last album “Imploding the Mirage and opting not to tour, and now he reveals he’s back with his former bandmates while insisting life on the road is over for him.

Keuning tells Rolling Stone magazine he quit the group because he was “sick of the touring, which is the other 22 hours of the day, when you aren’t onstage,” and wanted to be home with his young son.

“I was done with that, just travelling and going back to the hotel or going back to the bus and going to the next town,” he explains. “I’ve done that a lot. Some people aren’t very sympathetic. But everyone’s situation is different at home, or how much they can take. Sometimes I felt like I was under a little, unnecessary microscope.”

“It was like, ‘Why don’t you want to tour?’ I’d be like, ‘You mean why don’t I want to be gone 11 months out of the year? Do I need to come up with a detailed explanation? Are you gone 11 months out of the year?’ ”

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“Everyone has a different threshold or motivation or personal situation… I really do miss the shows… and the fans and the crowds and all that stuff. But I did it a lot for 10 years. After a while, I just wanted to experience something else. I was fortunate to get a house, but I was never there. I wanted to actually live in it and have a normal life… I got tired of constantly feeling guilty because I was never home and I have a son.”

Dave insists the break from the band has served him well, because he has been able to use a bunch of songs that never made it onto The Killers’ albums for his own solo project, adding, “At least it gives me a finished sense of satisfaction. And I’m happy that some of these songs are seeing the light of day instead of never being finished.”

He admits the COVID pandemic brought the band back together again. “They were about to go on tour before the pandemic and that tour was cancelled,” he explains. “And then they reached out. They were working on a record because they had all this time on their hands, and they asked if I wanted to be a part of it… It hasn’t actually been super easy to get all four of us in a room because of the pandemic, but it got me talking to them again and recording with them again.”

Keuning admits he’ll even consider touring with The Killers again – if he’s not away from home for 11 months of the year.

“I’ll do 100 (shows),” he laughs. “What people don’t understand is that I’m only in their town one night of the year, but there were some years where (we did 200 shows) a year.”

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