Natalia Bryant Credits Mom Vanessa For Teaching ‘Beauty Comes From Inside’

Natalia Bryant Credits Mom Vanessa For Teaching 'Beauty Comes From Inside'

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Proving to have shared a strong bond with her mother, the eldest daughter of late Kobe Bryant dubs the Bryant matriarch ‘the strongest person I’ve ever known.’

When it comes to inner beauty, Natalia Bryant seemed to have learned so much from her mother. In a new interview, the eldest daughter of late Kobe Bryant expressed her gratitude to Vanessa Bryant whom she claimed to have taught her that “beauty comes from inside.”

The 18-year-old credited her mother for teaching her many life lessons when the two posed for VOGUE magazine‘s Mother’s Day campaign with Bvlgari. “Over the years, [Vanessa] taught me confidence, and that beauty comes from the inside first,” she said about her mother’s words of wisdom.

Natalia, who has signed a modeling contract with IMG Models, further detailed on what her 38-year-old mom has instilled in her. “Beauty fades, so be sure to be positive, confident, and like who I am, my morals and views,” she shared. “That’s definitely helped shape who I am as an individual.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Natalia gushed over her mother’s strength. Calling the older woman “the strongest person [she’s] ever known,” she stressed, “My mom, she’s really.” She then told her mom, “You’re always there. I would say that you’re like the sun. You’re always shining this beautiful smile. And you’ll always find the sun somewhere. Even if you can’t see it, it’s shining somewhere.”

“People may not remember what you did or may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel,” Natalia continued telling her mother about one of the many pieces of advice she has taken to heart over the years. “And so that’s the lesson that I’ve carried throughout my life daily. You always make sure to treat people with kindness and go out of your way to really just make genuine connections with people.”

Responding to Natalia’s praises, Vanessa returned the favor. “I wish that I had someone like you when I was growing up,” she raved over her first-born. “You’re such an amazing – not only just an amazing daughter, but an amazing friend. You’re like the constant north star to all your friends. No matter what, you’re always there and they can always rely on you and count on you.”

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