Former Da Lench Mob Rapper J-Dee Reportedly Released After Serving Times for Murder Conviction

Former Da Lench Mob Rapper J-Dee Reportedly Released After Serving Times for Murder Conviction

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J-Dee, who was sentenced to 29 years to life behind bars after being found guilty of killing Scott ‘Pearl’ Charles back in 1993, was allegedly granted parole in December 2020.

Former Da Lench Mob rapper J-Dee has reportedly been able to breathe free air after serving 25 years behind bars. The rapper, who admitted to playing a role in the 1993 shooting to death of Scott “Pearl” Charles in 1993, was reportedly freed from prison after being granted parole by the state commissioners in December 2020.

According to prison records reported by VladTV, J-Dee was release sometime in April. His release gave an indication that California Governor Gavin Newsom chosen not to exercise his right to block the pending parole release. His parole was approved after the rapper became emotional when making confession about playing a role in the 1993 murder he was convicted of committing.

Parole board commissioners were reported to have sent good words for his enrollment in self-help programs. J-Dee was alleged to have claimed that self-help programs “literally changed my life.”

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Even though J-Dee admitted to be guilty of starting the conflict that led to the shooting of Charles, he refused to say as the one pulling the trigger. “I do accept responsibility because I brought everyone to that drama that night, every person involved in that from the very first scuffle,” the rapper said.

“I even picked two people up who was not part of the original scuffle, brought them back to the location…,” he further stated. “I am responsible for everything that took place that night.”

VladTV further reported that back in December, J-Dee told the board that should he be released, he plans to live in transitional housing, work at a limousine service, and eventually move in with his fiancee. Still, his release needed second approval from parole committee and Governor Gavin was given an opportunity to prevent it.

The Plug additionally reported that J-Dee cried during his apology speech which got him the parole. Presiding commissioner David Long was quoted as saying, “You were remorseful and appropriately emotional when you discussed the harm you caused to your victims. Ultimately, the panel felt that you’ve demonstrated a lengthy period of positive rehabilitation, which is a standard for suitability under the law.”

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