The Good Old Cpanel Times Is Gone


I miss the Cpanel times now more than ever

John Philip
Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

After finishing high school in 2015, was when I came to know about Cpanel and FTPs.

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This was the time I became intrigued with the technologies and was thirsty to learn the bits and pieces that hold everything up altogether.

My first encounter with Cpanel dashboards was amazing, and it was a time when I bought some custom domain with some crazy name, which I now really laugh over.

I found the general experience of working with Cpanel and its dashboard so amazing, and everything looked fine. I’ve used Cpanel since 2017, and I’ve been introduced to other kinds of things.

Uploading content to the Cpanel in zip files, unzipping files into the server dashboard, configuring files, handling redirects, and setting up custom emails was pretty amazing and neat to me. I still feel that it is the best server experience ever.

Later on, I just realized the beauty this technology offered to me. I don’t know how you felt about this, but I found the Cpanel experience quite awesome.

Years later came the rise of Netlify, Vercel, and the sort. These are technologies that are rocking it on the developer space and offer fewer worries.

You don’t need to configure anything after the initial setup. You just make your code changes, push your code to GitLab or whatever version control platform you use, and everything is taken care of for you.

This is pretty amazing considering that writing code is hectic at times; it saves you the time to use File Transfer Protocols (FTP) to push changes to your Cpanel servers.

I still think many people and companies still use Cpanel and the experience they offer, which I will miss.

I have spent much of my time pushing code to GitHub and everything is taken care of. My only worry is in case my changes break the production, which most of the time happens, and that’s when I reflect and feel like ditching this technology and getting into Cpanel once again.

I generally think and believe that the future of hosting and the sort will revolutionize the web, and some amazing technologies will chip in to better the experience out there.

Currently, I find it amazing when using Netlify, Vercel, Heroku. It is awesome, and they promise a bunch of things for the future.

Cpanel, according to me, still seems good to work with, especially if you’re working on custom designing with WordPress mainly for personal blogging platforms.

Also, to be noted, is that many freelance jobs I have seen still require the use of Cpanel for hosting, which still makes it relevant to date.

But going forward, I think some better alternatives will handle this. Let’s see where these amazing technologies will take us.

To sum it all up, Cpanel is still relevant today. While I don’t generally use it of late but talking from a freelancer’s perspective, it is still a great skill to have and hone provided you are into building WordPress sites and custom blogging pages.


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