5 Must-Read Stories From Better Programming (May 24-June 4, 2021)


To kick things off, Chris shares his opinion on the value of pair programming. He talks about how it gets misunderstood and what to do in order to make it less stressful.

In her first piece at Better Programming, Meghna talks about the one skill that helps developers get better. I’ll give away the spoiler: It’s about reading code. But I’m sure you’d want to give this piece a full read for the valuable programming advice she shares.

I always find gamification the best way to learn something new. John jots down ten websites you might wanna use to play games and code. Empire Of Code is one. Check out the story for the remaining nine.

On his Better Programming debut, Ojasvin reflects back on his two years at Microsoft as a software engineer. Incident management, team collaboration, and the value of research are three out of the five experiences the author contemplates in this piece.

Flutter is amongst the most popular topic on Better Programming. We’ve had a debate on its future in app development. However, this piece brings a new twist to the saga. Sophia walks us through seven metrics that make Flutter a promising prospect for enterprise-grade mobile applications.

  1. Data Science is Not Becoming Extinct in 10 Years, Your Skills Might by Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)
  2. My Advice To Machine Learning Newbies After 3 Years In The Game by Chris I.
  1. Why We Should Throw Out React and Pick Up Angular by Sam Redmond
  2. JavaScript 2021: New Features by Tirlochan Arora

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