Mum shows off staggering difference between size 14 jeans from same shop


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A woman has revealed the staggering difference between four pairs of jeans that she bought at the same store.

While shoppers know that sizes vary between stores, Megan Perkins Luke’s TikTok video shows how clothes bought from the same store can also vary.

She shared the video to remind people not to feel bad if their clothes don’t fit them, as she warned: “This is why women hate their bodies.”

Taking to TikTok, the mom stacked four pairs of jeans that she had just purchased from Old Navy.

Speaking as she showed the difference in sizing, she said: “And this is why women hate their bodies.

All of them were visibly different

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“Four pairs of jeans, different styles, all lined up. All button fly, all from the same company, all the same (waist) size.”

But, as she showed off the different pairs of jeans, it became obvious that they were not the same fit.

Perkins Luke pointed towards the pair of jeans at the bottom of the stack, saying: “Huge on me.”

As she moved up the three other pairs, she continued: “Fits perfectly. A little snug. Can’t even get over my hips.”

Along with the video, she added: “Don’t judge your body by the number on the label.”

Viewers were shocked at the difference and many thanked her for highlighting the issue in her video, which racked up more than 14 million views.

One woman wrote: “I needed to see this.”

A second one commented: “This is not why I hate my body. It’s why I hate shopping for jeans.”

And a third commented: “I’m slowly learning to stop bothering with sizes and just buying what fits. I’m not crying if it’s large when I’m usually a medium.”

Another added: “I agree with this. I cry and get frustrated with myself. I cried on Christmas when the jeans my mum got me didn’t fit and they were all the same size.”

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