‘Fuming’ bride threatens to call off wedding last minute after call from groomsmen


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If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at people’s weddings then look no further, because one make-up artist has lifted the lid on some of the craziest experiences she’s had while painting brides’ faces.

Most recently, MUA Rachel Watson recalled the time she was helping a bride get ready for her big day, when all of a sudden she threatened to call the whole thing off over one tiny detail.

They were getting ready and everything was going well, until one of the groomsmen popped in to say hi and see how everyone was.

The bride asked how her future hubby was doing ahead of the ceremony and the groomsmen told her he was fine and was just relaxing while having a beer.

“That was 1,000 percent the worst thing he could have told her,” Rachel ( @rwatson615 ) explained in a clip posted on TikTok.

“She was fuming, so she just takes her phone, calls him, and goes off about him drinking, just going OFF and apparently he had her on speaker so the groomsmen heard everything.”

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Rachel continued: “As guys do, they made a joke about him not being allowed to hear and she heard that. So, then she proceeds to tell the groom that all of the groomsmen need to apologise to her for mocking her, or this wedding’s just not going to happen.

“He apologises on their behalf and that’s not good enough and he’s choosing his friends over her.

“I continue to paint this little face while she is screaming because I just want to get the hell out of there. So, she’s going off and then tells him he needs to come outside.”

The MUA then played a recording of the bride absolutely screaming at her future hubby and a huge argument erupting. And it goes on for a long, long time.

The craziest part of the whole debacle? The couple actually went on to get married after all.

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