Former doctor’s receptionist shares biggest mistakes patients make during visit


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It can be a real feat to nab yourself a doctor’s appointment these days and since the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s only become more of a struggle.

With virtual appointments and telephone consultations, let alone the backlog of people requiring medical help, there’s a lot of hoops to jump through and there can be a long wait.

As such many may find themselves taking it out on the doctor’s receptionist or assuming they are being rude when they are actually just really busy.

A former doctor’s receptionist has recently lifted the lid on what it’s really like to work in this role and shared some of the biggest mistakes patients can make.

Speaking to Fabulous, Richard Kellow, who now works as a hypnotherapist at Kellow Hypnotherapy, told how the job is “non-stop” all day and the receptionist does so much more than just answering the phones.

Rude patients are the most difficult part of the job, according to Richard (stock photo)
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He said: “It was non-stop from the moment we switched on the phones in the morning. As well as booking appointments, we’d type referral letters from doctors to specialists and do the filing.

“We’d also liaise with the couriers who collected the blood and urine samples taken, and then we’d process prescriptions and have to keep the waiting room tidy.”

They’d also have to deal with patients demanding to see the doctor quicker and assuming the receptionist was making them wait just for fun.

“Sometimes people felt that we just didn’t want them to see the doctor – as if it was our choice when they would get medical attention or maybe we were just making them wait for the fun of it,” Richard recalled.

“In reality, it would make our life so much easier if we could get everyone through as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

He went on to say how dealing with rude patients was the most difficult part of the job, as when people get stressed they often refuse to listen to logic or reason.

As such people often committed some major faux pas towards the receptionists – including making personal comments about their image, booking appointments and then not turning up and making demands to see a doctor.

These are the biggest mistakes a patient can make according to Richard, as well as assuming the receptionist is being rude, when really they are just doing their job.

“Remember that they are there to help and not hinder you,” he added.

“Sometimes it’s easier for us to put our head down and get on with the job. It doesn’t mean we are ignoring you or being rude, it’s just quicker for us to get on and get you seen.”

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