When Centos stops development what will happen to Centos web panel?


Redhat killed centos, apparently there is a general order to stop supporting many community things and to consolidate their work to paid projects only.

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Someone at marketing came up with the idea to rename Redhat’s Stream beta product as CentOS Stream, just to pretend like the project is still alive, but that didn’t go far, since most people don’t want to run beta software and they also don’t want to be beta testers for Redhat.

Anyway, once the project was killed, two distros came up as CentOS alternatives, based on the same RHEL code base, these are Alma Linux and Rocky Linux. Alma is supported by the owners of CloudLinux and they offer it for free like CentOS was, with optional commercial support. Alma Linux is by a former CentOS project member.

Alma Linux provides a great conversion script, which you can run on CentOS 8 to migrate automatically to Alma Linux without fuss. I’ve used it on 10+ servers already and it worked without issues. The great thing about Alma, is that updates come faster to us, by several days/weeks than they did with CentOS (Redhat was dragging its feet).

Back to your question, the simple answer is: CWP (CentOS Web Panel) is NOT related to CentOS and they should not be using the CentOS name, I am not sure of the legality issues, but the fact is that they are completely unrelated.

In addition, CWP has horrible security with multiple remote root exploits and its highly advised to NOT use it under any circumstances. In other words, nobody cares on what CWP works or does not work, you shouldn’t be using it


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