There used to be a tool for lamp / lemp stack one line command?


I used to have a website, you would check off boxes to add things to a command line reference, and then you could copy and paste the output into an SSH terminal etc and it would install all of the checked off boxes, and I had more than one.

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One did only the LAMP / LEMP and another had a ton of PHP plugins and extras, whereas the other I think you could only choose PHP version like FPM, and then 5.56, 7.0 etc

I lost all my old bookmarks and haven’t needed the tool for over a year now, and totally forgot what it was called, but it was basically a command line generator for web design (I think) specifically.

Anyone else heard of this? Choices were like Apache or NGINX, MariaDB or MySQL, and another, PHP version, and then below it was like MEM_CACHE, MOD_REWRITE (for Apache) etc


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