Looking for VPS/CLOUD hosting that provides me plesk panel pro free


Ok i have hosting with mediatemple for 7 years. They are shutting down DV and created email spam.

Support Us




Now i am looking at amazon light sail as option but it seems expensive for 8gb. (40usd). No yearly discount , only month to month)
Also additional cost for dns zone , backup and bandwidth.

Big advantage is that you can always ask questions and someone will respond. There is no tech support but they have forums that people answer.


But i need to buy Plesk license etc

So i am contacting all plesk partners to find who can give me better deal on plesk license.

Media temple does give plesk panel 16gb for 1000 usd per year – 80 per month ( cant find any coupons work ) – that is final price.

I checked OVH cloud – gives 32gb dv server. But it looks too good to be truth. May be they have traps. You may not be able to backup to google drive and your server get stopped for various reasons.

I need someone reputable on Tech support/chat support 24 hours. Not long ago a webhosting popped up . Asmallorange but they got sold and disappeared.

is there any Upstart VPS hosting that gives all bells and whistles?


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