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First, if you cancelled your PayPal subscription, there is no way for a seller to bill your PayPal account. Are you saying we somehow logged into your PayPal account and made the payment on your behalf? So no your PayPal subscription was NOT cancelled.

Second, your service was renewed because your due date was the 13th, you requested cancellation AFTER the renewal date/due date.

Third, you did not ask for a refund for the payment that was made. You FIRST opened a dispute with PayPal and THEN accused us billing your PayPal account and asking for a refund.

Not paying and ignoring your invoices is not equal to cancelling your services.

Good luck.

Granting that a refund should not be given to me because it is my fault. BUT my due date is August 13, 2021.

Based on your TOS, my account should be suspended after a period of 3 days and deleted on August 20, 2021, (7th day) for non-payment.

But you used a credit card billing to charge my Paypal account on August 21, 2021.

That would not happen if you terminated my account according to your TOS.


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