Help me remember the name of this missing woman/case that had cctv video and a creek


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Ok reddit, a little help is needed. I remember watching/reading something either on YouTube or here on a woman who had gone missing from an apartment complex. There was video of her walking around just before she's missing and a wooded creek near by and there was speculation she could've fallen in? This was a semi recent case, like 2-7 years old?

I know this isn't much to go on but it's late and now I can't sleep thinking if there's been any updates. The case stood out because it was clear she wasn't intending to be outside for long by her clothes or the weather was bad or something but she seemed to just disappear into thin air and yet there was video of her just before. And the creek/river near the complex was a big point because I remember a whole discussion on water levels and recent storms on people tracking the water path. But it also seemed like a case that could easily be 50/50 foul play or accident

Searching "woman missing from apartment video" on Google is a dark rabbit hole id rather not keep going down so I thought yall might remember the case.

I've just xposted on tipofmycrime so hopefully the great minds of reddit can help so I can see if there's been any updates

Edit: Kayelyn Louder is who I was thinking of, thank you everyone.

It looks like her body was found in 2014 in the river and police were saying no foul play. The autopsy was inconclusive due to the water so the family was still looking for more answers on what happened and no drugs were found in her system. So sad but at least she's no longer missing. I didn't see any big news updates since 2015.

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